The Quickest Time Management Tips Ever

It's hard to stay on track. It's hard to be on time. It's called time management because we have to pay attention and actually manage it. But, it can be easier:

1. Schedule everything into your calendar. I mean everything, if you have to. When to exercise, when to watch your favorite TV show, who to call back on the drive home from work. It can seem labor intensive to get started, but once it's habit, you forget to do things a whole lot less.

2. Color code, if need be. If you're juggling multiple calendars, color code to make things easier to visually separate. If multiple people are on one schedule, each person is a different color. Or, if it's just yours, different tasks get different colors. For example, appointments are red, birthdays are yellow, and people to call back are green.

3. Be realistic. A lot of us think it takes less time to do things than it really does. I'm guilty of this far more often than I'd like to admit. I always think I can get squeeze in a few more emails or phone calls before walking out the door than I realistically can before I'm running late.

4. Practice. Like I said, it's time management. If you've ever managed a project or a person before, realize that your calendar is both!

5. Shut out distractions. Mute your phone or TV. Hang up a sign on your cubicle that says "Busy! Come back later!" Do whatever it takes to make sure you complete your task on time.

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