The Quickest Utility Closet Organizing Tips Ever

It doesn't really matter if you have a whole closet devoted to "utility." Most of us don't have the space for that. However, we usually do have a cabinet, drawer or shelf with that designation. How can we get a quick hold on them?

1. Make sure the items don't belong some place else. If you have a sewing kit somewhere else in the house, then make sure needles and thread go there, and not here.

2. Get rid of duplicates. If you only have two hands, you probably don't need six hammers.

3. Question the use of tool boxes. Sometimes they help; sometimes they don't. If you have a bunch of loose tools and hardware, a tool box may be your solution. However, if you have stacks and stacks of plastic boxes with one tool in each (think a drill or sander), then it might make more sense to store them in another way.

4. Contain like items. An organizer's first rule of thumb. Tape near tape, string with string, and so on. You know the drill by now!

5. Keep chemicals high-ish. Glues, greases and whatever other solutions are in your utility area should be stored well out of reach of kids and pets, when applicable. However, don't keep them so high that you have to tip a bin to get them out. No one wants to spill de-greaser all over themselves!

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