The Quickest Bathroom Organizing Tips Ever

Linen closet or no, there's still things you keep in the bathroom and/or use for hygiene. It's gotta go somewhere! Even if you have a pedestal sink and feel like there's nowhere to store anything, we can make do:

1. If you don't like how it smells/feels/reacts with your skin, get rid of it. If it's a product you feel confident you're not going to use again - no matter the reason - there's no need to keep it.

2. Condense bottles. Are you a culprit of having multiple half-used bottles of the same product?
Combine them into one bottle. Have a thousand travel size shampoos you want to try and an almost empty shampoo bottle? If it's all the same, pour them all together (and create your own, new custom scent!).

3. Try using a basket. If you have deep selves or cabinets, or even just a lot of little tubes and bottles, contain them in a bin or basket. It's such a pain to reach for one thing, and a dozen others topple over.

4. Utilize the walls. If you're short on counter or cabinet space, consider using what wall space may be available. Hanging shelves, hooks or narrow cabinets can make a world of difference.

5. Donate to a shelter. Whatever hygiene products you don't want, someone who has none will gladly use.

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