Let's Reflect on the Year

I want to hear from you! What did you tackle this year that has made a huge difference? Maybe you moved and managed to unpack all your boxes and get organizing in your new home. Maybe you mastered your schedule and haven't been late to a meeting in months! Maybe you finally started the process to go digital and get rid of that filing cabinet.

What have I done that's made a difference for me organizationally?

- I moved, and did unpack all my boxes!

- I got rid of my wall calendar this year, and even though I still glance at the wall sometimes, I have everything I need in one calendar.

- I went through all my childhood memories. School papers, toys, you name it. It's neatly sorted and packed such that I can grab something if I want to take it out.

- I finally started writing down business processes, so someone else can do some of it!

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