Other Storage Areas

I’ve talked a lot about how to organize and maintain storage areas, like a closet. You’re in and out of it more often than other areas where you store belongings. Now I want to focus on the areas that you don’t frequent as much, but have just as much, if not more storage.

The garage, attic, basement, crawl space and linen closet can all be go-to places to store seasonal, old and extra stuff. It can be difficult to remember where something is when you haven’t seen or used it in months, even years.
Make the most of your storage space by organizing it so you don’t dread having to search for something. Bins can be a lifesaver, and they are stackable, too. Label them in detail about what the contents are inside. If they’re in a damp place, make sure to put a lid on it to keep out the mold.

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