3 Tips for Shopping for the Dorms

Finally getting some freedom from your parents and you want to show them you can adult? Being prepared to live in the dorms is a mental as well as a physical feat. Everything is officially up to you to finish and follow through. Here are some ways to shop, and get your dorm ready:

1.    First, talk to your roommate. You’ll want to make sure you’re not bringing doubles of anything, and find out how much they are willing to share. Be honest with your lifestyle, and how you usually keep your room. You should both be prepared for the frustration that comes with sharing a room, but try not to judge on the way they organize; there is no right or wrong (unless there’s leftover pizza boxes that are starting to stink).

2.    Prepare a budget. Based off what you and your roommate decide to get for the dorm, you should next plan your budges stress on your (parent’s) wallet. Any budget is reasonable and based on your search skills, you can find items that fit within it.

3.    Resale shops are your new best friends. It’s fun shopping for your own place but in all reality, that stuff doesn’t need to be brand new. Dorms are a transition. You’ll be helping the environment by reusing items. And there may be family things you can use, which is a connection to home, like the cupcake pans you used to use while baking with your Grandma.
t. You don’t need to worry about getting really high quality, long lasting items. This puts les

4.    Bring a list. Once you’ve decided what you need to get, write it all down. Put the list in your wallet so you always have it with you.  Then when you’re out and you see a good deal on something, you’ll know if you really need it. It’s easy to go overboard when shopping for your dorm, but stick to that list and you’ll have a great room.

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