Pet Care

They’re your best friends, and greet you at the door when you come home after a long day. No matter what anyone else says about his or her dog, yours is better! Doesn’t matter how, they’re just better. You want to pamper them, so here are some tips that will put your pet first:


Toys: Let’s face it, their toys can be anywhere at any point in time. Have one bin or basket for all their toys; at the end of the day, round them all up.

Food: ALWAYS have an extra stash of food that could last a few days. You never know if there will be an emergency, or you have to leave for a couple days. If you’re gone for longer, it gives you enough time to make arrangements and not worry about your baby back home.

Playtime: If you’re gone all day at work, your pets are going to want some of your time. Schedule time to Go for a walk, and channel their energy so they’re tuckered out when it’s finally bedtime.

Things you need when leaving the house: You’ll need to take some things with you whether you’re just going for a walk or you’re going to the vet. Bring a carrier; some form of identification for your pet (collar or tag on carrier); a soft towel, blanket or a toy they can snuggle up against; a leash; food and water.

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