Organizing the Creative Space

With a creative mind comes a creative mess. You may know where everything is, or at least most of it, but your space could be a little cluttered.
To be creative, you need inspiration, and there’s no better way to get it than having things out that inspire you - whether magazine snippets, quotes, fabric scraps, or color swatches. And then there are the supplies! Your space may be a little overwhelming, but here are some tips to get it under control, while still allowing for inspiration.
1.    Categorize by themes You pick the themes! Depending on your style and what inspires you, it will be a rejuvenating process. This in itself can be a project, but it can get more ideas spinning if you find things you haven’t seen in awhile.

2.    Put supplies of similar nature with each other This means putting all your different kinds of papers, drawing utensils, fabrics and patterns, jewelry, and other tools together.

3.    Make inspiration boards This goes along with number one and creating themes. You can hang these boards up around your space to get a quick peak at inspiration when you need it.

4.    File it on your computer Decide if there are things you don’t really need to keep, and take a picture of it. Then, you can file your inspirational photos on your computer. You can also post the pictures on Pinterest. Hint: there’s an option to create a “secret board” on Pinterest that only you can see.

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