Makeup Your Makeup Routine

If you’re rushing out the door and still feeling undone, then perhaps it’s time to go through your makeup process. Having a go-to look will make the process smoother, especially once you’ve mastered it and can do it really fast. Decide the amount of makeup and how dramatic you like it to be so you’re comfortable throughout the day.
Makeup products have an expiration date, usually listed on the packaging, if not the product itself. It’s a white picture of an open container. It’ll say something like 6M inside it, which means it’s good for 6 months after you’ve opened it. If you can’t even remember when you opened it, then it’s definitely time to toss. Here are my ideas on keeping track of it all.

Good makeup brushes can last forever as long as you take care of them. Store them in a cup, handle down, so the bristles won’t be bent or damaged. Brushes should be cleaned after 2-3 uses and deep conditioned every couple of weeks. Creating a routine will ensure their longevity and prevent the spread of bacteria to your face.

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