Packing to Move

A lot of people are moving this time of year. Here's a couple quick tips to make the packing process easier on everyone (because let's be honest - no one likes packing!):

1) Don't pack anything you wouldn't pay someone else to take to your new home for you. Whether you're hiring movers, using your friends truck or taking things yourself, someone is taking the time and effort to pack, move and unpack your belongings. If you wouldn't pay someone for their time to move that ugly sweater you've never worn, then donate it before it even gets a chance to get packed.

2) Pack like items together. Books with books, beauty products with beauty products, linens with linens. It's that simple. 

3) Have the right materials at hand. Boxes, packing paper, packing tape, garbage bags, marker. Don't assume everything needs packing in a box. Things like large blankets, stuffed animals and hanging clothes can easily be put in garbage bags for transportation.

4) Label boxes. On the top and on at least one side. If the boxes are stacked four high, you don't want to unstack them all just to see what's in the bottom box.

5) Don't make the boxes too heavy. Because you have to lift them. Or, I do. And, that's no fun!

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