Mama's After-Baby Clothes Blues

Today I worked with a woman who is soon to be a mom for the third time. She's also in the midst of packing for a move. She's a busy lady! As you can imagine, over the past few months her size and shape has changed, and it will continue to do so for at least another few months (or years). So, how do we pack clothes and separate pieces so she has things to wear now, and can easily find what she can fit comfortably in to when she's unpacking and baby is here?

First, we separate all the clothes she's wearing now and will anticipate wearing in the next six weeks before baby arrives. Thankfully, she's been a mom for quite some time already and has an idea of what her body will do. Those items will stay in the closet and dresser, as she prepares the rest of the home to move.

Next, we go through everything else and divide into three categories:
- Clothes she will likely fit into in a couple months (post-baby, but not exactly at her pre-baby size)
- Clothes she will fit into in about a year (using realistic expectations of what a woman's body will do)
- Clothes to donate (she'll never fit in to or want to wear again)

Now, the actual packing. Clothes that are a year or more away from being worn are packed and sealed into boxes labeled "[Name]'s Clothes." The clothes that will be worn sooner rather than later, are put in to vacuum bags and compressed as much as possible. We label these "Post Baby Clothes." The vacuum bags are useful for reducing space while still allowing the wardrobe to be accessible. Because, who knows how quickly or slowly her body will actually change.

The boxes can be put in out of the way storage after the move, while the sealed bags can be placed closer - the top or bottom of the closet, for example.

Now, the hard part - waiting for baby in a new home!

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