Junk in Your Trunk

We've all done it. Stuffed so much in the trunk of our car that we're not sure it will even latch shut. Why? Why would we do this? Vacation. Shopping. Returning the shopping. Groceries. Carpooling with too many people with too many bags.

No matter the reason, we generally live in an area where cars are our main means of transportation. Leaving us to fill these sometimes great big trunks with...stuff. How can we go about making some sense of it all?

- Take advantage of any built-in organizational items. Many trunks now come with trays or nets built-in. Use them! Whatever items you may regularly toss in the trunk could find cozy homes in these spots.

- Use Velcro®. I always have an emergency kit in my trunk. Thankfully, I've never had to pull it out. Because of that, I love that I can make it stick to one corner of my trunk, out of the way, with it's Velcro® covered bottom. No sliding, no rolling.

- Make sure you really want those things in your trunk. Do you really need roller skates in your trunk when you've never roller skated? All those bags of returns you keep meaning to take back to the department store? Actually take them back; if it's too late, donate or gift the items you don't want. Anything that was supposed to go back in the house, but never made it, finally get to go home again.

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