A lot of my clients struggle when it comes to storing their purses. It's hard to make odd-shaped, floppy things fold, stand or file properly. And, don't mention labeling!! How does one go about labeling a purse? Or, where to put it back or find it when you want to use it?

Just a bit ago, I was helping one such client navigate her way through a great walk-in closet with plenty of square footage. The problem was that she had a great collection of designer purses she wanted to access easily. Because they were nice pieces, she also wanted to keep them stored in the protector bags that came with them. That doesn't make for easy organization. Our stipulations were:
  • Keep them stored in protective bags
  • Easily be able to identify where each bag is and where to put it back
  • All bags, except small clutches, should be stored upright to prevent crushing and squishing
We had our work cut out for us!

First thing's first: we bagged all the purses into their protective coverings. The bags that could easily stand on their own, were "filed" on the closet shelves. To help the softer bags stand tall, we implemented shelf dividers like these. The dividers also helped to prevent smaller bags from slipping underneath larger ones, only to be forgotten about. On one shelf, that had lots of height above it, we used a stackable shelf to make another row of purses above.

After that, it was just a matter of labeling the fronts of the shelves to read a brief description of the purse above. Covered bags: check. Easy identification from labels: check. Nothing squished: check. Take a look:

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