Let's Talk Earrings

I was asked recently to tackle the task of properly organizing earrings. There are a few things for us to consider, for even this seemingly small item.
  1. How many pairs are there to store?
  2. Are they dangley or studs?
  3. Do you want them hidden away or out in plain sight?
  1. Gather all your earrings into one spot...look near the sink, the coffee table, your purse..where ever they may be hiding. Match up the pairs. If there are singles leftover, what is the likelihood of finding the match? If it's not likely (hint: it probably isn't), then toss or donate the loose earring. Count how many pairs are left.
  2. Now, categorize your earrings - studs, dangley pairs, rhinestones, hoops, however it makes sense for how you wear your jewelry. 
  3. If there are some that you wear only for special occasions, those may be better tucked away with formal gowns, while the everyday pairs are visible on the dresser top. How often do you wear earrings? How many do you wear at a time (one hole or three in your ear?)? How often do you change them? For example, my sister has three holes in each ear. But, she never changes the studs in the second and third holes.
Now to the actual putting them away. Some hidden away ideas include
 For earrings that will stay visible, try any of the variety of counter top storage:

 : A jewelry stand from Target

A folding screen from The Container Store 
And, a box just for earrings from Bed, Bath & Beyond: Acrylic Earring Keeper

Or, make your own -

From ribbon, like on etsy:

From an old frame and screen, like Restored Style created:  earring-holder

Or, really from any piece of thin cloth that can be hung and/or made taught enough for earrings to poke through. Be aware, that if earrings have backs to them, like with studs, use an organizer where both sides can easily be reached.

Personally, I like keeping my earrings in a jewelry box. It's put away and just the right size for all my jewelry. But, with the clear lid, I can quickly glance inside to view the things I wear most often.

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