Couponing, Buying in Bulk and Setting up the Kitchen

Shopping in bulk is tempting. Costco, Sam's Club, GFS and the like allow shoppers to save some money and shop less often. But, it can be a challenge to store 30 rolls of paper towels or two gallons of  marinara sauce at once.

Couponing has also become a "thing" lately. There are even TV shows like "Extreme Couponing" to show us the ins and outs of saving at the grocery store. Let me tell you, there are deals to be had and certain ways to go about achieving lots of savings. None of which I'm an expert.

What I do know about is how to store all those goodies once they come home. About how to make all the rolls of toilet paper fit in the linen closet. About where to store large boxes of cereal. About how to make three pounds of chicken and six pizzas all fit in the freezer.

Fortunately, there's one place where you can come - FOR FREE - to learn about all these things!

There will be snacks, drinks, prizes...and learning fun! Come out and learn how to best set up your kitchen and save some money while doing so! I'll be presenting tips and ideas on how to use your space efficiently in the kitchen, fridge and freezer. I hope to see you there!

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