Should I Be an Organizer, Too?

I receive a lot of calls and emails from people looking to explore the organizing industry. Some of them go on to work within the professional organizing field, while others realize there is a better fit in another career for them. But, how can I help someone decide if it's a direction they should move in?

The first distinction a person thinking of going in to this line of work should realize is that there is a big difference between organizing one's own space and organizing the space of someone else. Personally, how I organize my own home is very different than how I help my clients organize their homes. My work flow is different; my thought process is different; my needs are different; and, of course, my amount of possessions and size of rooms are different. Each time I work with someone, we assess all those things so the new systems we implement will work for them, their needs and their space.

Secondly, patience. And, more patience. Everyone works at a different pace. Sometimes we fly through a project faster than I could have anticipated. Other times, it takes three times longer. That's okay. But, a new organizer might not be prepared and lose patience with the client and/or the project. Then, it's time to take a step back and reassess. Be mindful that this is not your project; it's the client's project.

Most of all, I stress the need for education and networking. To successfully enter this industry, education should be step number one. There are countless courses available online, through NAPO, the ICD and independent organizing companies and organizers everywhere. Take advantage of these classes! Join some kind of networking group. Preferably, a NAPO chapter. The colleagues in this industry are indispensable. Techniques to work with clients, ways to run a business, referrals and people to be hired or to hire are all around. And, it certainly doesn't hurt to be involved in other networking groups to spread word that you are now offering these services.

Assessing your interest in truly helping others, versus a personal interest in the act of organizing objects; practicing patience and getting out there are key steps to creating a fantastic start in what might be the best career you've ever had!

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