Where Can I Donate This?

Part of my job, as an organizer, is to know where things can go - even when they're leaving your space. Most of know about what has become standard donation places: Good Will, The Salvation Army and those drop-off boxes that dot parking lots. But, sometimes we want to pass along something more unique than old kitchen dishes or jeans we don't wear anymore. Where to bring those things so they're put to great use? Here are some good places to start*:

  • Furniture: Divine Consign in Oak Park, IL features modern furniture on consignment, as well as housewares.
  • Architectural Pieces: The ReBuilding Exchange in Chicago, IL will accept donations of doors, windows and other reclaimed building materials.
  • Cameras: KEH Camera will even buy old cameras!
  • Computers: PCs for Schools will accept electronics, whether working or not, to be properly recycled, wiped clean and refurbished for underfunded schools.
  • China and Crystal: Replacements, Ltd. will buy pieces, even if you don't have a full set!
  • Linens: Animal shelters usually take sheets and blankets to help line crates and beds for our fuzzy friends.
  • Books: While Open Books will take any book in sellable condition, SCARCE's Book Rescue will also accept books that are torn, mildewed and worse for wear.
  • Hazardous Waste: The state will tell you where/when to go in your area.
  • Stuffed Animals: Many donation centers no longer accept stuffed animals due to bed bugs, lice and general spread of germs; however, Stuffed Animals for Emergencies does!
  • Eyeglasses: Almost all eyeglass stores now have collection bins so old frames and lenses can be reused for the less-fortunate.
  • Instruments: Hungry for Music provides instruments to underprivileged children who want to learn to play.
  • Wine Corks: Time to get rid of that collections that has only been collecting dust the past decade? Yemm & Hart will take them!
  • Latex Paint: In case someone else likes that color still, send it along to Earth Paints.
  • All Things Baby: Swap.com will buy, sell and trade all things for the little ones running around.
  • Everything Else: Zealous Good will match your items up with someone who needs them; FreeCycle is a way to get rid of anything for free; and Earth 911 will help you figure out where to take items and what can be done with them to keep things out of landfills.
If there's something in particular you're looking to pass along, feel free to let me know. I'm happy to put you in touch with the right group!

*This listing is not an endorsement of any of the charities or businesses listed, but rather meant as an informational listing to aid in your own search.

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