The Secret Danger of Shopping at Thrift Stores

There are some great things about shopping at a thrift store or resale shop. Prices are low. Products are usually still of decent quality. Half the time, profits are going to a good cause. And, by buying these items, you're helping keep some things from going in the trash and clogging up a landfill.

It's really great to be able to help these places with your patronage. Sometimes, we can even bag up our unwanted and unneeded items and drop them off at the store's location. Generally, not out of the way and easy. Many places will even help you unload your car and provide a receipt verifying your donation.

But, there's something sneaky going on there.

How many times do you drop off a bag to empty out the trunk of the car....then, pull around to the parking lot and pop in - just to see if there are any good deals inside? Caught ya!

If you're looking for something, by all means, visit your local thrift store. I personally shop at them too, from time to time. It's great for picking up dishes I've broken from a set or a platter I know I'll be leaving at an event. Or, if I need a costume, I can most definitely find something on the racks.

Still, I don't ever want to be browsing the aisles just to see the items I donated a week ago staring back at me. It'll beg me to take it home again! I'll see it as new and think I can use it again - this time.

Not true.

Please keep the donations coming out of the house. It's great for you and your space; it's great for the charity you're supporting. But, please take them to a place you won't stop in to browse and accidentally buy something you owned a month ago.

If you don't know of any other place to take your donations, contact me! I'm happy to let you know where you can go that's convenient to you. Or, help you set up a free charity pick up at your home. No leaving the house and no loading the car. And, no chance of buying those items back!

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