Storage Spaces

Everyone has stuff.

Most people are struggling with where to stash it all.

If you don't have enough storage space: Find non-traditional places to keep those precious items.
  • Under bed storage
  • Above kitchen cabinets (if you do not have a soffit) 
  • Under the couch or similar furniture
  • Behind furniture (Think prints and frames behind bookcases)
Add shelving to areas you may not otherwise imagine shelves in:
  •  Spaces under stairs
  • Odd-shaped closets that are awkward to store things in
  • In the middle of the room, as a room divider
And, of course.....try not to keep so much!

When you have plenty of space to store things, but you still can't find a thing: Store items by category in separate spaces.
  • Pull out all items from all potential storage areas
  • Categorize (all luggage together, all gift wrap together, all holiday decor together, all memories together, and so on)
Move categories to storage spaces that are convenient to when and where those items will be used.
  • Once a year or less: deep storage in the basement or attic might work well
  • A couple times a year: less deep storage will work: easy access in the basement or the back of a large closet
  • Monthly: Within easy reach, like the main closets in the house or under furniture that you can easily get to
If you have a large category and a large space, regardless of how often you reach for those items, store category "x" there.  Likewise, if you have a teeny storage area that you don't want to go to waste, then stash a small category in there that doesn't require it's own walk-in closet.

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