Repurposing What You Already Have

In the April 2013 issue of Real Simple Magazine, I saw this idea:
It was a short article about using candle sticks in a new way.  Here, they're used as vases.  They also suggested using the sticks as tiers between trays or as a fancy holder for bangle bracelets.  It got me thinking about all the everyday things around the house that can be used in new make your life easier and more organized.  Here are some of my favorites:
  • Toilet paper/paper towel tubes: Corral wrapping paper, electrical cords, string, ribbon; Stack them vertically in a  drawer to hold pairs of socks, tights or scarves.
  • Wine corks: Use them to hold anything sharp - for needles in a sewing kit, as an earring holder, for safety pins in the "junk" drawer
  • Any box or bottle with a small opening (think baby wipes tub or cheese shaker): Great for holding rolls of string/yarn that you want to pull out of the opening.
  •  Over-the-door show bags: Amazing for just about anything! Separate and hold accessories belts, scarves, socks, barrettes and jewelry; Hold spice packets in the kitchen; Sort make-up and vitamins in the bathroom; Keep small toys up off the ground in the playroom...and so much more!
  • Ladders: Old, rickety ladders that aren't great to stand on still have some life in them around the house! Lean them against a wall to hold extra blankets or drape sweaters dramatically.  While doing some research, I found some amazing bookshelves made from ladders on Bored Panda:
  • Six-pack bottle holders: I use one under my kitchen sink to hold foil, cling wrap and baggies vertically in the bottle slots. They're also useful for confining sauces in the kitchen, beauty products in the bedroom or remotes in the family room. Cover them with wrapping paper or collages to match any decor.  And, if they break or rip....finding a replacement is never a big investment!
 Need more inspiration? Do an image search for "repurpose" or something like that. You'll find TONS more than you ever imagined! Just like this article...that may or may not have sidetracked me tonight.  So many great, creative ideas!

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