A Disorganized Computer

In today's world, we are behind a screen more than ever. A computer, a tablet, a phone, a TV. I'd bet, half the time, there's even more than one screen within eye-shot at any given moment, too. So, how does this effect our sense of organization - or disorganization?

Most working in the corporate world are relaying information and documents electronically more than on paper. So, even if our paper piles are organized, thinned out and properly filed away, it does little good if we rarely refer back to those files.

Take a look at your email inbox. Take a look at your computer files.

Is your desktop covered in icons? Some of which you don't know where they came from or what they do? If you're looking for a document stored on your computer, are you looking in multiple places because you don't know where it was electronically filed? Wait....do you even have files on your computer?

Treat your electronic documents and bits of information as you would pieces of mail, documents laying on your desk and post-it notes around the house. Categorize all those pieces of information in a way that makes sense for the user. [This becomes more of a challenge on multiple-user systems, but is still very doable]. Are these dream vacation ideas? Then maybe you need a file on your system called "Dream Vacation." Or, if there are lots of vacation-related items, some of which you've taken, maybe a "Vacation" file is more appropriate, with internal files for each trip.

Sure, it's easy to put a word or two in the search bar and see if the right document pops up. But, isn't it easier every single time to know the title of a document and where to find it? Think of all the time you'll save! The frustration you'll save!

Now, all you have to do is find the computer underneath all those papers!

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