It's in the Bag

 Recently, a client of my mused about how my purse must be immaculate. I don't think I'd quite say that, but it is organized. Of course! Whether grabbing your purse, fanny pack or man-bag on the way out the door, the last thing you need is to wonder if everything you *think* is in there is actually in there. So, how to keep it from becoming a Mary Poppins-esque bag of chaos?

1) Dump it all out and start from scratch. Empty your bag of all those gum wrappers and receipts. Toss that lip balm you hate. Put all the loose change in your wallet or piggy bank. If there's anything missing, add it to your pile of things going back in the bag. If you're always wishing you had a pen on hand, go grab one to toss in there. Refill your mints and business card holder.

2) Consider how often you change bags. Do you use a bag until it's thread-bare? Or, do you swap by the season? Do you love your bags and change them almost weekly? It totally changes how to set up your bag for success! If you rarely change bags, then use whatever pockets and pouches are available. Use one pocket for all things beauty - like your nail file and tissues. If your bag doesn't have pouches, pockets and zippers, create your own. Use those extra travel pouches you've been collecting from years of "gift with purchase." You can even use plastic baggies if you need to. 

3) Clear it out regularly. For some people, that means weekly. For some people, once or twice a year may be plenty. It really depends what you're tossing in there and how frequently. And, try to be aware of what you're putting in there. Maybe you need a little trash bag in the car so you stop filling your bag with candy wrappers. Or, maybe you need a little wallet just to collect receipts. 

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