Where To Keep Pet Items

We've talked about what kind of storage you could use for your pet's things. But, where?

When it comes to pet food, I recommend using a storage container or a plastic bin with a lid. You'll know if you have a pet that will help him/herself to food, if they can. For treats, it’s a good idea to put them on a shelf or a counter that’s up high enough that your pet can’t get to them easily, either.

For pet toys, you can put them in a basket where the pet has easy access to the toys, but you won't trip on it.

For food and water bowls, try to keep them off hardwood and carpet flooring. Aim for a tile surface so that the water drips don’t ruin the floor. If that's not an option, get a plastic or silicone place mat for under the dishes.

Pet beds and crates should be kept in a place where your pet feels safe, it won't be in the way, and it won't be out of place (don't keep a dog crate in the middle of a formal living room, for example).

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