How To Pack A Bag for Vacation

    Packing to travel soon? Here are some packing tips:
    • Start by laying everything out that you want in the bag so you can see how much you’re working with.
    • Categorize everything so it's easier to assign space within the bag for your needs: clothes, shoes, beauty products, gadgets, and so on.
    • Pack the big stuff first (clothes and shoes). Depending on what kind of clothing you have, sometimes folding is better, sometimes rolling is better. Rolling clothes is best for material that’s wrinkly (like linen).
    • Packing cubes are a great option to condense items.
    • If you’re packing liquids (like beauty products) make sure it’s in something you can seal, so it doesn’t leak.
    • If you have lots of electronics, paperwork, books, etc., consider stashing them in separate sections of your bag, or in their own protective sleeves to keep it safe during transport.

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