Travel Sized Warning!

Just because it's free, doesn't mean you should take it. Take it only if you think you'll actually use it.

If you are the kind of person that loves the sample sized shampoos and conditioners when traveling, ask yourself if you'll use them before you bring them home. Use them while you're traveling, take them in your gym bag, or put them in your guest bathroom.

Sample sized products are worth going through once a year - if you have more than a handful lying around. Make sure that they are products you’d actually use. Shower caps? Shoe shine kits? Little plastic combs? Sewing kits? There's only so many of those you could possibly need, if any at all.

Keep these products in a place that makes sense for you. I'd suggest keeping them with other bathroom products or with luggage and other travel items.

Remember what Michael Scott said: "SWAG - Stuff We All Get!" Just because it's available to you, doesn't make it special, useful or worthwhile. Think before you take!

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