Folding Clothes

Folding clothes not only saves time by making it quicker to find things, it also saves space. 

If your clothes are folded, then you’ll have quicker access to them instead of sifting through a pile of clothes on the floor or a chair. It will also make your space look nicer and feel better to see clean surfaces and cleared floors. Regardless of what you’re folding (clothes or linens), be consistent. Fold t-shirts the same way, fold pants the same way, shirts the same way, etc. How you fold will depend on how big or small the space is: huge deep drawer, really deep shelf, shallow drawer. If something doesn’t fit your space, consider folding it in a different way to make it fit better for your unique space. Rolling might also be an option, too. Again, it depends on how much you have and where you're hoping to keep it.

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