Have A Storage Unit? Let's Get Rid of It!

Having a storage unit can be a hassle and extremely expensive. If you feel as though you need extra space to store stuff, you should probably clean out the current spaces you have before making the investment in a storage unit...

When you have a storage unit, more than likely you won't go back looking for items that have been tucked away. Start by getting rid of clutter in your house, in order to make room for the stored items you wish to keep. You can only bring the keepers from storage home, if there's space to do so.

Donating items to places like Goodwill or selling at consignment stores can make a big difference quickly. Even selling things on Ebay could be helpful - though remind yourself that this takes time, too. Having a garage sale is a great option, too, especially if there's a block or neighborhood sale coming up.

I understand that sometimes storage units are necessary, or even temporary. If you already rent one, ask yourself if those items are worth the cost they incur monthly or even yearly. It can add up pretty quickly - for not much gain.

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