Bathroom: What Actually Belongs in Here?

We tend to store lots of items in our bathrooms, but do we actually need to keep all of those items in the bathroom? Would they work better in a different place in the house? Let's save some space in the bathroom!

If you have a miscellaneous utility closet, cleaning products can be stored in there instead of underneath the bathroom sink. If you're tight on bathroom space, you will likely want to save room for beauty products or hair styling tools under there.

Linens? Have a linen closet? Keep towels, wash cloths, sheets, blankets, comforters etc. out of the bathroom, if possible. These items can also be stored in the rooms they're used in (each bedroom has it's sheets in the bedroom closet).

This will allow you to have more space in your bathroom with less clutter, and make for more efficient use of your house or apartment.

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