Where Do I Start?

So often I end up working with people simply because they don't know where to even get started. Looking around their room or house or office, all they see is one thing to do after another. Taking all that in will make anyone leave the room! While working together, we figure out the best way to tackle all those projects - one at a time. But, still, how do we even figure out where to start?

I ask two questions to help us decide:

Which space will change your daily life the most?

Which space makes you want to turn around and run away?

The answer to the first question provides a rather obvious answer. The more it impacts your daily activities, the bigger an impact changing it will make.

I also ask which area makes you run away because it's the most daunting project. You're least likely to tackle it on your own. And, that's half the reason I'm there in the first place! Plus, if you start with what feels the most impossible to complete, then everything after that will be a breeze!

So, what are your spaces???

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