Keeping Track of All the Festivities

It seems around the holidays that you think of so many people you want to catch up with. You were so busy throughout the year that the timing to connect with them never was really great. Now, you have a bunch of parties to go to this holiday season. Here are some tips for keeping it all straight:

·   Mark all the parties in your calendar. Writing down all the party dates and when you need to RSVP is critical to running the next few weeks smoothly. You’ll also be able to plan ahead with them all in one spot.

·   Keep invitations in one spot. Don’t have them scattered across the kitchen counter and the dining room table. Keep them all centralized for easy viewing.

·   Notes if you need to bring something. Write down notes if you need to bring anything like a dessert or salad. If it’s a family party, there might be an anniversary or birthday you missed, so be prepared with a card or gift.

·   Casual or formal? Plan what you will wear before. Take note of whether the occasion is more casual or if you need to dress up.

·   Don’t overbook. By writing all the parties down, you’ll know if you’re overbooking; so prioritize and keep yourself sane during the crazy holidays.

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