Getting Out that Winter Gear

The days are getting shorter and shorter and the weather colder and colder. It’s time to have all your gear prepared for winter. Break free from your denial!
Gather all the gloves, hats, scarves, coats, and boots. Put them in one spot where everyone can access them easily. Dressing yourself to go outside in the Chicago winter weather already takes longer than it should, so make sure you’re able to get out the door quickly by keeping everything you need in one spot.
You’ll also need to gather everything you need for outside: shovels, salt, etc. Don’t forget about things that should be in your car.  You never know if you’ll get stuck in traffic or if your car breaks down,; you should have several things in there so you can wait it out as comfortable as possible. Keep a first aid kit, water, a blanket and snacks tucked away. And of course, arguably the most important thing is the snow brush.

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