Cleaning Out the Refrigerator

November is National Clean Out the Refrigerator Month. How fitting, given that we’re starting the holidays soon. One of the great things about the holidays is that you have plenty of leftovers to last for a while. The thing is that sometimes you forget about all that you have.
Clean out your refrigerator twice this month. Do it before you start cooking for Thanksgiving to make room for all the side dishes and turkey. Then, clean it out again a week after Thanksgiving. Chances are some things won’t have been eaten up so toss those out.
When you’re ready to clean out the fridge, remember these 3 things:

1. Have a sponge handy because there are bound to be some spills.
2. Keep a garbage bag near by to toss things quickly and prevent drips, spills and the sour smell of something rotten traveling across your kitchen to the garbage.

3. Have a space cleared for leftovers that you want to save and are still good.

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