Organizing for National Kitchen and Bath Month

The kitchen and bathroom are the two most frequented rooms in the house. Everyone touches and moves things around, so it can become a little chaotic. Create a system that suits everyone’s schedules, likes, and preferences.

The key to this, though, is having every person within the household contribute to organizing it. This way they will be more likely to keep the system flowing since they know why it was done that way in the first place. Plus, it is more convenient for them.


For the kitchen:
Start by discarding food that is old and expired, and make a shopping list of what needs to be replaced. Keep items that you want your little ones able to reach on the lower shelves. If there are things you don’t want them getting into, put them on higher shelves out of reach. Give everyone a whole shelf, section of a shelf or a cabinet to keep their food in. If you have multiple children, separate shareables into baggies and label them; everyone gets their share and you don’t get a headache later on.

For the bathroom:
For your cabinets, keep what you most often need towards the front. In households with children, any cleaning solutions should be kept safely guarded from their access. Consider keeping Items that shouldn’t get wet, such as toilet paper, tissues, cotton balls, and feminine products in an enclosed container. This keeps them dry from any sink splashes and humidity from the shower. Also, have a separate container with extras for guests: toothbrushes, toothpaste, facial cleansers, makeup remover pads, shavers, feminine products, contact cases/solution, deodorant.

If you follow these tips, family, roommates, friends, and guests will owe you a huge “Thank you!”

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