Office Organization

Being organized in the workplace can be crucial to project management and even promotions. It can be frustrating when other coworkers are disorganized, but somehow it’s even more so when it’s you. You know better, but sometimes things can slip through the cracks. Here are two crucial tips that will make your work life a little smoother.

V9MJ5T4TUU.jpg1.    Place for files. There are certain files that you don't use often, but you still need to keep. Have a special place for them that you’ll remember. When there’s that once in a blue moon chance you need it, you’ll know right where it is.

2.    Mirror in digital files. Have a digital copy of all your files. Then if you need to send a document to somebody else, it’s already in the computer. Label files similarly to your paper files to make the systems congruous.

Complete tasks today that will make tomorrow smoother.

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