End of Summer

The end of summer is nigh, but the chaos of it lingers. In order to start the school year and fall season right, you’ll need to go through that chaos. Here are some tips for what to do with that summer clutter.

1.    Swimsuit you never wore. Get rid of something that you never used. That slightly ill-fitting swimsuit needs to go since you never wore it. There’s no point in having it hang around if you never really got to enjoy it.

2.    Beach toys you never used. Donate beach toys you never played with. Your kids may have had fun with them in the past, but if they didn’t use them this past summer, then they should go.

3.    Tons of tubes of expired sunscreen. Throw away expired sunscreen. Even if it’s near full, it doesn’t have the same protective properties once it’s expired.

4.    Outdoor toys the kids never played with. Sometimes even if a toy is brand new, the kids don’t play with it for whatever reason (even if you thought it was really cool). Toss the toys if they’re broken, and donate them if they’re perfectly fine.


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