How I Purged My Own Wardrobe

Lately, I've been feeling less than excited when I get dressed. My clothes seemed utilitarian and plain. I wanted to feel confident in my wardrobe - that it expressed my style while still being comfortable and practical. I needed help.

I called on a few good friends to inspire and assist me in purging my entire wardrobe!

Before they arrived, I sorted through everything I owned. I left items in my closet that I knew I liked and felt fit me well. I already knew I would be keeping those items. The rest I sorted into two large piles on my bed: clothes that I liked, but wasn't sure if they fit properly and items that fit well enough, but didn't really seem like my taste. Now, let me say that a majority of my clothes have come from attending or hosting regular clothes swaps. I ended up with most of these items not because I picked them out and purchased them in a store, but rather because they were in front of me at a party - and free. Though that doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, I will admit I also have some great pieces from swaps that are exactly what I want in my wardrobe and/or items I'd never think to try on in a store, but ended up loving.

When the ladies arrived, and we had finished our dinner, we headed into the bedroom to look at the piles. They immediately sifted through the pile of items I thought fit, but wasn't sure if they worked for my
needs/wants. While they decided what was worth trying on from that pile, I started to try on items from the other pile: items I liked, but didn't know if they fit. As I modeled each item, the girls yayed or nayed each piece. The nos went into a donation bag right away, and the yeses were set aside to be returned to the closet after the fashion show was over.

By the time I was done trying on the entire pile, I started trying on the items my friends had pulled from the stack of 'fits well, unsure of style' pieces. There were some keepers from here ('Why haven't you worn that; it's so cute!') and some goners ('It's a good color, but it hangs funny on you.'). Goners were bagged and keepers set aside with the other yeses.

After all was said and done, I had gotten rid of about half of my wardrobe!

I have so much more room in my closet! My local donation center is getting a pretty good haul. And, getting dressed these last few days has not only been a breeze (less to choose from), but I feel like my wardrobe better expresses any sense of style I have. Though, I'm still working on that...

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