Another Year Over...

As 2014 comes to a close, many of us take stock of the year that's passed and make plans for the year ahead. Resolutions or not, most of us have something we want to change in our lives - more of one thing, less of another.

In the past, I've made one resolution each year that I felt was attainable and reasonable. Clearly, I'm not going to become a one calendar year (at least not for anything I'd be proud of, I'm guessing). I'm not competing in the Olympics this year (or any year) and I'm not going to build a house with my bare hands. It's not reasonable to make these goals for myself.

One year, my resolution was to have better posture. It totally worked. I'm far more aware of how I stand and sit. One year, it was to drink more water. Although I know I still don't drink as much as I should as often as I should, I have a much better idea of how hydrated I am.

They're small things that could make a big enough difference in my life that I wanted to work on them.

For you, it might be to read 15 minutes before bed each night; to turn the TV and phone off while you eat dinner; to spend more time doing something you love with someone you love. In my experience, these are things you can do, as long as you're willing to try.

What isn't likely to take is something like, "I'm going to keep every room so organized it looks like a magazine, and redecorate for the seasons and have magnificent holiday decorations for each holiday." That's not going to happen. Unless, you're willing to hire a household staff. In which case, have at it! But, most of us aren't in that position.

What is reasonable is something like, "Every Wednesday night, I'm going to spend a half hour putting things away around the house." That's taking about a day out of your entire year to keep your home from becoming a headache. That seems reasonable in the amount of time you're committing and the results you're looking for. And, if you happen to surpass it, all the better!

Most importantly, I suggest making a resolution that will move you closer to the life you imagine in an ideal world. How does that world look? How does it feel? What's one thing you can do this year to get you one step closer to that?

Have a wonderful, healthy New Year!

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