How we Can All Ask for Help

I wrote this last week for the NAPO Chicago chapter newsletter encouraging colleagues to ask each other for help.

I'm often reminded how wonderful our group is. How "together we are better." I'm sure that in theory, we all know this is true. But, every now and then, I'm able to experience first hand.

I recently moved in to a new home. It's been a long, multi-step process. A good one, but a long one.
As an organizer, I'm sure you can relate to wanting everything to be unpacked and settled in as soon as possible. Well, to make a long story short, my belongings would be at the new place 21 days before I actually would. 

I can make do with my laptop and phone to make my business run wherever (another reason I'm thankful I have a paperless office!). But, how on Earth could I pack clothes for 20 days? In Chicago, in September, when the weather might feel like August or it might feel like October?

I tried to pack. And, I unpacked. And, then tried packing again.

I thought to myself, "This is silly. You need some help!" I went to my desk and emailed two colleagues with my conundrum. Before the night was out, I had a couple options for a solution and a well thought out packing list provided to me. What a relief! Needless to say, I finished packing that night. All has worked out as well as it sounded in the initial plan.

Perhaps others of us are having some roadblock in our own lives that are preventing us from moving on, moving in to or moving out of wherever we are now. Call another NAPO Chicago member. Maybe you need advice on what next steps to take for a client's project. Email another NAPO Chicago member. You've been asked to give a presentation, but really want to practice in front of someone who knows what you are (or should be) talking about. Ask another NAPO Chicago member at the next meeting.

Together we are better. It's because our members are helpful, knowledgeable and creative people. Who doesn't need more of that around?

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