Get it Out of There!

Most of the time, there are some bags or boxes of things to donate at the end of appointments I have with my clients. It's great! They have successfully sorted through their belongings and figured out which things they no longer need or want. Items still in usable condition are set aside to donate to the charity of their choice.

Unless the items are too large to fit in my vehicle or my car is already filled with donations from my last appointment, I offer to take the donations on behalf of my client. Why? Three reasons:

  1. It makes instant space! After working so hard for hours with me to create brand new systems in their home or office, it's a great reward to visually see the benefits. Those bags and boxes are taking up floor space. How great will it feel to see the open, cleared room?
  2. It decreases the chance of digging something out of the bag because you're having second thoughts. You've already made great decisions. Don't second guess yourself! Be confident that you really do know what items you can live without. Someone else may love that item and use it often - unlike it's previous home at the back of your closet, being forgotten about.
  3. It saves you a trip to the charity! One less thing for you to do in your already busy schedule. It also prevents having to schedule a charity to pick items up, with you waiting around all day. And, if it's hauled away the day of the appointment, it's done; piles won't sit around for days or weeks as a reminder of something else to do.

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