A Peak at an Organizer's Jewelry

There are a few ways to organize jewelry. I personally use these drawers that stack into a box.

I used to have a leather box that fit all of my jewelry, but the leather wasn't good anymore. So, after doing tons of looking online to find something that would fit my space (on a particular shelf), I ordered one. It arrived, and my large bracelet bangles were too wide to fit in the narrow drawers on it. So, I returned it and kept looking. Then, I found these trays by chance while browsing at a Home Goods. Just goes to show you, you never know where you just might find what you need!

The inside of my drawers.

Here is what the drawers all look like together.

Here is what my jewelry box looks like all together. This is an especially great method for using bracelets and rings.

5 Random Places To Store Your Holiday D├ęcor

When it comes to holiday decorations, we usually think of the same old places. But, maybe there's a better option!

1. Attic or basement

2. An inconvenient closet space (high on a shelf, or a weird shaped closet under the stairs, one with an odd turn in it, etc.)

3. Under the bed

4. The garage

5. Guest bedroom or home office closet

How To Organize Recipes

Having trouble finding recipes? Want to convert your recipes from paper to digital? Here are a few ideas:

First, you’re going to have to decide if you want to keep the recipes on paper, or if you'd like to make all recipes digital on your computer. Regardless of which medium you’re taking, organize them by how you cook. Maybe that’s by kind of food (Indian, Italian, American) or maybe it’s by type of ingredient (beef, chicken, or vegetarian) or by kind of dish (appetizer, dinner, dessert).

It all depends on how you would look for the recipes, really.

Then decide if you want the recipes to be on recipe cards or if you want them in a binder with sheet protectors. It could also be a combination of both. Maybe you could have a recipe card box or use sheet portfolios in the binder? As long as your categories are consistent, then whatever works is great.

In terms of cookbook organization: 

Categorize cookbooks the same way you would for other books. An example of this would be to organize by type of cookbook (ex. cookie cookbook v.s barbecue cook book). Or, you could organize them by author. Maybe purely for decorative purposes (ex. color, height, etc.) works best for you, if you want the shelf to look pretty, but know you won't access them often.

Happy cooking!

Some Ideas on Printing and Storing Digital Photos


You can print digital photos to give them as gifts or to give to someone who maybe doesn't have easy access to technology.

If you would like to print standard sized photos (4x6 or 3x5), you can do so in your home on a regular printer. All you need is to buy some photo paper and you're good to go! If you would like to have certain photos displayed in your home, you can have those printed professionally at a photo printing service if you don't own a photo printer.

One way to organize photos digitally is to create albums on your computer. You can label those albums by date and/or by event so that you know when and what they are when looking back. You can also use a scanner to put already printed photos onto your computer, and then add those into their respective digital albums.

Sometimes you don't want to print certain photos; maybe they spark a certain memory or a time in life that is hard to look back on. That's okay. You are free to toss those or put them in a designated spot that isn't as easy to find if you'd like. I'm giving you permission to get rid of them!

Good luck!

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