Tips for Earth Day

Earth Day is this weekend, on the 22nd, so celebrate in nature. There are tons of videos online and organizations for environmental awareness. With the severe problems that the Earth is having, it may seem impossible to change any of it. There are several ways you can help just by incorporating it in your everyday routine.
Having several houseplants increases the amount of oxygen around and creates a relaxing environment. If you don’t think you could keep up the routine of watering consistently, try succulent plants. They require less maintenance and upkeep. All you have to do is soak the soil and water when the soil is completely dry. Larger plants can last a couple days longer in a dry condition.


Making sure you also prune will ensure more fruit and growth. At Fine Gardening, they give tips and illustrations on the proper way to prune and maintain growth of your garden.
For gardening supplies, try not to lose them throughout the yard. Using bright tape to mark it can help you find it easily. At the end of the day, put all the supplies back in one place. Make sure to also keep them out of kids’ reach, when appropriate.

Paperwork Trails

You’re probably getting tired of me saying this, but family members should know where paperwork is. In case of an emergency, important paperwork should be kept in a safe spot that others can get to. These should be things that not only ensure your livelihood, but the livelihoods of your loved ones after you’re gone.
Some types of paperwork to include are:
·   Social Security Card
·   Life insurance policy
·   Wills
·   Bank account numbers
·   Passports
·   Passwords
·   Certificates of birth, marriage, or military

Tips for Tax Time


That dreaded time of year is here again: tax day! Don’t be caught off guard with missing or forgotten paperwork. What you need depends on who you are. What makes you YOU? Talk to your accountant, tax preparer or lawyer about paperwork that specifically pertains to you.
Paperwork could include:
·   Tax forms from work or investment accounts
·   Information for property taxes
·   Student loans
·   Deductibles (for work, medical expenses or donations)
Also, you don’t need to hang onto things for an extremely long time. Professionals say to only hang on to paperwork, like statements from the bank, for seven years.
The IRS includes tips for preparing your taxes. Look through their topics to gain more information on how you can be prepared.

Tips for Tackling Clutter

This week is National Clutter Awareness Week, which is just in time for spring cleaning! You may have become so used to areas in your house that are cluttered that you don’t think much of it. You can become blind to what is always around. Look at it with a fresh pair of eyes.
Your perspective on a room can completely change when mirrored. It is like having a new set of eyes and things may stand out in a mirror that didn’t otherwise. Try taking a picture with your phone and reverse it. You might just see something new!
You can also have someone you trust give you honest feedback. They are a new set of eyes and their style may be different than yours. It can give you a boost of inspiration and confidence to tackle the clutter.

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

6G6F0R60R3.jpgYour morning routine can slow you down if your closet is in disarray. You want to be able to grab what you need quickly and go.

Start by taking everything out of the closet. Rather than grabbing things one by one, it is easier to take everything out and look at it. Then you’ll know if you have enough space for everything that you want in there.
Create a system for your clothes so you can see everything at a glance. It can be so frustrating when you’re looking for something in particular and it’s not where you thought it was. Combat that by keeping everything as visible as possible.
Read more about Closet Tricks from my previous blog posting, and about Closets Full of Clothes.

Knowing the Difference Between Trash and Donation

Many times when I’m a helping client organize, we come across things that they don’t want anymore. The next question we ask is whether it should be thrown away or to donate it. Here are some tips on answering that question:

  Donate            Trash

Not broken
Ripped to shreds
Someone else can use it
Not broken, but no one can use it
Incomplete set of toys
Moldy or ruined by moisture
Naked Barbie
Missing parts or pieces

Old Stuff Day

Apparently last week was National Old Stuff Day!? There are many obscure things that have a day dedicated to them. Yet everyone has old stuff. There are two different things to do with your old stuff. It can be out and displayed, or tucked away and forgotten.

Think of the old stuff you have around: do you appreciate it, or is it just taking up space? Before you bring new stuff in, think of old stuff that you can get rid of. This includes movies, books and magazines. It’s more than clothes that count here.

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