Doing Things On Purpose

A key aspect to staying organized is remembering what you’re doing. Really try to focus your thoughts on what you’re doing at the moment. We all have a million things running through our heads that we have to remember to do; even running out the door, it seems, there’s always at least 10 things you have to make sure to do before you leave.
Keep a notepad near you to write things down that are going through your head. Don’t use your phone to take notes because some kind of notification will probably distract you. (I’m looking at you, Facebook!)
Pay attention to where you put things. We’re all guilty of this. There’s nothing like looking for your phone that’s in your hand or your glasses that are on top of your head.
Don’t self-sabotage because you’re rushing. Being mindful of what you’re doing and where you put things will prevent that panicky feeling of forgetting something or feeling crunched for time.

Clean Off Your Desk Day

There comes a time when you’re working at your desk and you become so frustrated with everything that is strewn across it. It happens to the best of us. Take time before diving into your next project to declutter. Remember: there’s a difference between to-dos and projects. To-dos are everyday tasks, and projects are less regular. But, if you can manage to clear your space now You’ll feel refreshed, relieved, and ready to take on the coming challenges.
Here are some tips for cleaning off your desk:
·   Have folders ready to file away papers
·   Keep a garbage can nearby
·   Have a planner handy so you can write down tasks
·   Pick a time when you will have the least interruptions

Packing Away the Holidays

The holidays have come and gone and the New Year is here. It’s time to pack away all the decorations, all the wrapping paper and gift bags. Schedule time to do it either a little everyday or one day where you sweep through the whole house. Think about what your schedule will allow you to do. If you find that you have a lot of interruptions or get distracted easily, then break it up into 15 or 30 minutes everyday.
If you’re packing away ornaments then save the old, ripped tissue paper to wrap and protect them. And, if you’re storing everything in bins, label them and go into detail about what’s in the box. This way you won’t be digging through every box because six of them are labeled Christmas. You want to make it easy to find things in a year when you pull it all out again.

Organizing Resolutions

For this New Years, make good on your resolutions. Getting organized is the second most popular resolution ( If it made it on your list this year, here are some tips for starting out and keeping it going:

1.    Write things down on the calendar. If you’re using a calendar in your phone or a hard copy planner or even both, write things down as soon as you make plans. Don’t only write down meetings and appointments, but things like what you’d like to make for dinner that night, people to call, and chores to complete. You’ll be able to look back to see what you did when, if you ever need to. It also helps you remember what your goals for the day/week/month are while keeping you accountable.

2.    Designate certain chores to certain days. This will make your schedule smoother and chores won’t fall behind. If you dust every Wednesday, then you will be able to keep up with it. Make your own schedule, though, so it works best for you and your lifestyle.

Storing Your Gift Wrap

Gifts for the holidays are just about done being wrapped. If you still have more presents to wrap, then you’ll need wrapping paper handy. There are some nifty ways to store it without it getting damaged.:
Tall, plastic containers are great for keeping rolls of wrapping paper. You can see each design easily, but you won’t be able to stack anything on top of it if you’re looking for extra space. There are also products on Amazon for storing rolls of wrapping paper that are waterproof and see-through.
Other great hiding spots for gift wrappings are under the bed: out of sight, out of mind. They can be hung on the back of a door, like a closet, or in the corner of the closet.
Bags, wrapping paper, ribbons, and tissue paper can be used more than once, so store them safely in a place you’ll remember to use them again and again.

Keeping Track of All the Festivities

It seems around the holidays that you think of so many people you want to catch up with. You were so busy throughout the year that the timing to connect with them never was really great. Now, you have a bunch of parties to go to this holiday season. Here are some tips for keeping it all straight:

·   Mark all the parties in your calendar. Writing down all the party dates and when you need to RSVP is critical to running the next few weeks smoothly. You’ll also be able to plan ahead with them all in one spot.

·   Keep invitations in one spot. Don’t have them scattered across the kitchen counter and the dining room table. Keep them all centralized for easy viewing.

·   Notes if you need to bring something. Write down notes if you need to bring anything like a dessert or salad. If it’s a family party, there might be an anniversary or birthday you missed, so be prepared with a card or gift.

·   Casual or formal? Plan what you will wear before. Take note of whether the occasion is more casual or if you need to dress up.

·   Don’t overbook. By writing all the parties down, you’ll know if you’re overbooking; so prioritize and keep yourself sane during the crazy holidays.

Getting Out that Winter Gear

The days are getting shorter and shorter and the weather colder and colder. It’s time to have all your gear prepared for winter. Break free from your denial!
Gather all the gloves, hats, scarves, coats, and boots. Put them in one spot where everyone can access them easily. Dressing yourself to go outside in the Chicago winter weather already takes longer than it should, so make sure you’re able to get out the door quickly by keeping everything you need in one spot.
You’ll also need to gather everything you need for outside: shovels, salt, etc. Don’t forget about things that should be in your car.  You never know if you’ll get stuck in traffic or if your car breaks down,; you should have several things in there so you can wait it out as comfortable as possible. Keep a first aid kit, water, a blanket and snacks tucked away. And of course, arguably the most important thing is the snow brush.

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