Shopping for the Holidays Tips

Holiday shopping has officially begun.! You just went through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday… Sigh! Maybe you were able to take advantage of the deals and get gifts for family members. Maybe you mostly found things that you want for the holidays.

Either way, it’s not too late to draw up a budget. Decide how much you are willing to spend total, how many people will be receiving gifts, and how much you can spend on each person. Also note any ideas you already have or what you’d like to gift to them. If you’ve been searching and searching for a gift for someone but can’t seem to find anything, then perhaps it’s time to wrap up a wad of money. That way they can pick out something they like; but gift it in a creative way so it’s still exciting for them to open.

Recycling Tips

The environment is a constant concern. One question that always comes to mind is “What can I do?” Few of us are scientists developing new ways to clean the environment, so for us average joes, it seems that there is little to do to help. Yet, even simple things can make a huge impact.
Recycling not only prevents trash from being dumped into the ocean or another landfill, but it also creates more products and stimulates the economy. There are so many products besides plastics that can be reused or disposed of in a safer way such as electronics and medical supplies. The Illinois EPA has guidelines for how to dispose of each type of waste. Take care to recycle what you can, and keep trash to a minimum.

Cleaning Out the Refrigerator

November is National Clean Out the Refrigerator Month. How fitting, given that we’re starting the holidays soon. One of the great things about the holidays is that you have plenty of leftovers to last for a while. The thing is that sometimes you forget about all that you have.
Clean out your refrigerator twice this month. Do it before you start cooking for Thanksgiving to make room for all the side dishes and turkey. Then, clean it out again a week after Thanksgiving. Chances are some things won’t have been eaten up so toss those out.
When you’re ready to clean out the fridge, remember these 3 things:

1. Have a sponge handy because there are bound to be some spills.
2. Keep a garbage bag near by to toss things quickly and prevent drips, spills and the sour smell of something rotten traveling across your kitchen to the garbage.

3. Have a space cleared for leftovers that you want to save and are still good.

Celebrating the Veteran in Your Life

Contrary to most people’s perception of holidays commemorating veterans and military personnel, there are distinct differences. Memorial Day is a somber day to those who have lost a friend or family member in military service.
While Veteran’s Day has more of a celebratory atmosphere to the day. It honors all those who have served in the armed forces.
Many businesses show their appreciation to veterans with discounts. Having a list of participating businesses can be a great help to veterans so they can take advantage of the offers. It also gives other customers and employees an opportunity to thank vets for their service.

As both my grandfathers were veterans of World War II, I’d like to offer a discount to military veterans and personnel for the remainder of the year. Please contact me directly for more information.
Some people honor their veterans by displaying photos, a flag, and medals of honor. Many vets don’t seek the attention of large displays, but do appreciate sincere gratitude from others.

Making the Most Out of the Extra Hour

Daylight savings is great in the fall when you get that extra hour! Don’t let it go to waste though. Make the most out of that extra hour by completing tasks you’ve been putting off.
Prioritize those tasks by what you’ve been putting off the longest. It could be dusting, cleaning off the dining room table, cleaning out the fridge, paying bills, balancing the checkbook… you get the picture. If you use the extra hour to your advantage, then relaxing after will be even more rewarding.


Office Organization

Being organized in the workplace can be crucial to project management and even promotions. It can be frustrating when other coworkers are disorganized, but somehow it’s even more so when it’s you. You know better, but sometimes things can slip through the cracks. Here are two crucial tips that will make your work life a little smoother.

V9MJ5T4TUU.jpg1.    Place for files. There are certain files that you don't use often, but you still need to keep. Have a special place for them that you’ll remember. When there’s that once in a blue moon chance you need it, you’ll know right where it is.

2.    Mirror in digital files. Have a digital copy of all your files. Then if you need to send a document to somebody else, it’s already in the computer. Label files similarly to your paper files to make the systems congruous.

Complete tasks today that will make tomorrow smoother.

Planning Past the Tricks of Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! You get to dress up, - maybe multiple times, - and eat tons of candy (even though you say it’s for the trick-or-treaters). There are several preliminary decisions to make before the fun night.
Costumes. Get your Pinterest skills going, and pick out a costume! Everyone wants to have a creative costume. Consider your favorite TV show characters or a twist on phrases like smarty-pants.

Scheduling hair and makeup appointments. Schedules usually book up quickly so make your appointment a.s.a.p. Check out salons and freelancers in your area; word of mouth is usually pretty key here. Getting assistance with hair and makeup can really up the ante of your entire look!

Decorations. Hopefully you put some decorations up already, but this is your last chance to add those finishing touches. Maybe the Chicago weather will cooperate so you’re not decorating in the freezing cold or rain!

Bringing a dish to a party. If you’re going to a party this weekend and you have to bring a dish, chances are they will have a lot of sweets. Perhaps you have an amazing dessert that is the talk of the party, otherwise consider bringing a fruit or vegetable platter. All that candy and sugar can become a little overwhelming. Whatever it is you decide to bring, set aside time to get to the store to purchase whatever you’ll need.

Leaving candy in a bowl. There’s always going to be a punk neighborhood kid that empties the whole bowl of candy into his bucket. You could leave your candy for your neighbors to pass out, leave the bowl, or not pass out any at all if someone won’t be home. Or, if you need to unload your candy stores on me, I’ll be happy to help you out!

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