5 Tips for Time Management

There never seems to be enough time in the day. Well, there is - it’s just of matter of managing the time you’re given to be as effective as possible. Whether it’s work related or a family meeting, here are some tips to managing your time:

1.    Paper vs Electronic. Choose between the two. If you remember things better by writing it down, then use paper. Both of them are great for looking at what needs to be done overall and checking it off the list, too.

2.    One Calendar. There shouldn’t be multiple calendars for different functions. If you’re using Google Calendar for work and a spiral planner for personal life, they need to be consolidated. You’ll be able to schedule more quickly by only having one place to confirm an opening.

3.    Others should have access. Your spouse or kids should also have access to your calendar, when appropriate. This will teach them to share, time manage, and coordinate as well. Plus, in case of emergencies, they will be able to contact your upcoming appointments.

4.    Don’t overbook yourself. It’s easy to forget to put something in your calendar but make it a habit to schedule even simple things as soon as plans are made. Sometimes it’s difficult when people don’t confirm until the last minute, so you should identify the event somehow to show you might be open.

5.    Set timers. You’ll be mentally prepared and more in control of your schedule by setting timers. Whether it’s on your phone or the kitchen stove, setting a timer will push you to being prepared. The last 15 minutes before you have to leave always fly by, so set those audio notifications to high.

Create an Oasis

The winter seems to be lingering. Everyone you know seems to be going to faraway places with fresh air and sunshine. Maybe you yourself were lucky enough to take a trip over this winter, but now you’re longing for it again.
Everyone has been cooped up in the house so it’s time to bring some of that sunshine inside. Create an oasis in your home for relaxation. Bedrooms should be void of any projects; if you want to be able to relax in your room then there shouldn’t be too much stimulation in it. If there is another room you want to make relaxing, then take out technology. TVs are too tempting for catching up on the latest episodes, and it’s easy to get lost on the web with your phone or computer. Make a “phone free” zone to rest your eyes, mind, and body.

Spending Valentine’s Day with Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for that special someone. It’s about love in general. So spend it with the people you care about, doing the things you love. There are some great spots in Chicago, both romantic and family friendly. Check out some of the places below:

  • 41053A7BDE.jpgChocolate at The Pen Every Friday and Saturday night starting at 7pm, The Lobby has a chocolate buffet. It has a beautiful view of a rooftop ice rink with a live string quartet playing softly in the background. Their chocolate assortments have included candy, fondue, cake, and pastries. They even have a separate station that changes each weekend: crepes, hot chocolate, ice cream sundaes, and more. Check them out here.

  • Chicago Hauntings Bus Tour Valentine’s Day doesn’t have a history of being a sappy holiday. Check out the history behind Valentine’s in Chicago on a bus tour. They’ll tell you the true story behind Chicago that will make your skin crawl. Check them out here.

  • Eno Wine and Chocolate Is there any other kind of pairing that is more perfect? This is a great setting for both a girls night out or a night out with that special someone. Check them out here.

Keeping True to Your Resolutions

We’re already a month into the new year! This is usually about the time that people discontinue the good habits they made a resolution to keep. If you already quit or are slugging behind, take a deep breath. Don’t wait for another year to go by to make the resolution again!
Get back on the horse, and make time for your resolutions today. People always say that there is not enough time in the day. Is it that, or is the time you do have not managed well enough? Was your resolution to broad or overwhelming? Look at the real reasons why you’re not sticking to your resolutions, then take action.

Find some inspiration by going on Pinterest (but not for too long!), then get to work! If your resolution was eating healthier, look up some recipes, and go to the grocery store to stock up on healthy ingredients. Or, maybe your resolution was to get organized. Check out my other blogs to find inspiration on different areas in your life you can better organized.

Cleaning Up Your Computer

Just like your desk, your computer can get a little cluttered too. Lucky for you it’s National Clean Your Computer Month. Set aside time to go through your digital “paperwork.”
You can approach cleaning your computer the same as when you clean your desk:
·   File documents
·   Convert file types
·   Discard files you don’t need
·   Empty the trash out at the end

Make sure you backup all your records! You can never be too sure, so there’s nothing wrong with two or three storage solutions.


Doing Things On Purpose

A key aspect to staying organized is remembering what you’re doing. Really try to focus your thoughts on what you’re doing at the moment. We all have a million things running through our heads that we have to remember to do; even running out the door, it seems, there’s always at least 10 things you have to make sure to do before you leave.
Keep a notepad near you to write things down that are going through your head. Don’t use your phone to take notes because some kind of notification will probably distract you. (I’m looking at you, Facebook!)
Pay attention to where you put things. We’re all guilty of this. There’s nothing like looking for your phone that’s in your hand or your glasses that are on top of your head.
Don’t self-sabotage because you’re rushing. Being mindful of what you’re doing and where you put things will prevent that panicky feeling of forgetting something or feeling crunched for time.

Clean Off Your Desk Day

There comes a time when you’re working at your desk and you become so frustrated with everything that is strewn across it. It happens to the best of us. Take time before diving into your next project to declutter. Remember: there’s a difference between to-dos and projects. To-dos are everyday tasks, and projects are less regular. But, if you can manage to clear your space now You’ll feel refreshed, relieved, and ready to take on the coming challenges.
Here are some tips for cleaning off your desk:
·   Have folders ready to file away papers
·   Keep a garbage can nearby
·   Have a planner handy so you can write down tasks
·   Pick a time when you will have the least interruptions

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