Traveling With Only A Carry On

Eagle Creek
Checking a bag for travel? Think again!

Carrying on a bag makes life so much easier with no lost luggage, no waiting, and no hassle. If you know that your final destination will allow you to do laundry there, you can simply pack for a few days and wash clothes as you go. Bring items that you know you can layer. Sometimes it's easier to pack most clothes in one color, like black or grey, and bring accent pieces for a pop of color. Shawls, shoes and jewelry work well to do that. You could also use packing cubes/bags, like these from Eagle Creek. It is a great way to condense clothes to save room in luggage.

Less can be a more a lot of the time. Think about what you’ll actually wear, not what you think you’ll wear. Be realistic. Don’t over pack, especially if you think you’ll be bringing souvenirs or extra items back.

Save space by leaving shampoos and conditioners behind; hotels will have those to use. Leave the hairdryer home, as well. The small spaces in your suitcase are great for stuffing socks and rolled up belts. Rolling your clothes really helps create space, up to 20% more space! You can also stuff your socks into your shoes to save space! Ladies – if you choose dresses, especially if you’re going to a warmer location, you’ll end up saving much more space than if you packed a top, bottom, and a belt to go with. Shoes? I recommend taking no more than 3 pairs of shoes – one pair of dress shoes, one pair of casual walking shoes, and one pair of sneakers. Generally, you won’t need more than that.

Happy travels!

Traveling With Pets

Have a pet that you’re traveling with soon? Here are 6 things to keep in mind when traveling with your pet:
  1. Book your trip earlier rather than later, especially for plane travel – they limit the number of pets aboard a plane.
  2. Be sure to give your dog a walk before putting them in a car or on a plane for long periods of time.
  3. Bring a familiar bone or toy for them to play with so they can be comfortable.
  4. Have a crate on hand to make transportation a bit easier. 
  5. Bring any necessary health documentations, tags and vaccination records - just in case!
  6. Make sure they are acclimated to the crate or space they will be traveling in so that they aren’t afraid.

    Happy pet traveling!

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