Necklace Organization Ideas

Have some necklaces that are cluttered and need to be organized? Get the tangles out, and make some sense of it all! Here are some ideas for storing them:

Using a hanging jewelry box like this one with hooks is a great way to keep necklaces from being tangled and ensure easy access. You can create a similar effect with any kind of wall hook, as well.

If you have lots of necklaces, investing in a necklace ladder like this one below can be a great storage idea. It will keep them from being tangled, and still look visually appealing in a room. Make sure you measure your space before buying and installing.

If you have a photo frame that you are no longer using like the one below, you can insert small nails in it to hang jewelry. This can be a very DIY way to hang necklaces and other jewelry inexpensively. Check out Pinterest for tons of ideas, too.

One last idea is to invest in some jewelry drawer organizers like these to store necklaces and other jewelry.

The key is to know how big your jewelry collection is, and what size space you have to work with. Hope this helps with necklace and other jewelry storage!

Bathroom: What Actually Belongs in Here?

We tend to store lots of items in our bathrooms, but do we actually need to keep all of those items in the bathroom? Would they work better in a different place in the house? Let's save some space in the bathroom!

If you have a miscellaneous utility closet, cleaning products can be stored in there instead of underneath the bathroom sink. If you're tight on bathroom space, you will likely want to save room for beauty products or hair styling tools under there.

Linens? Have a linen closet? Keep towels, wash cloths, sheets, blankets, comforters etc. out of the bathroom, if possible. These items can also be stored in the rooms they're used in (each bedroom has it's sheets in the bedroom closet).

This will allow you to have more space in your bathroom with less clutter, and make for more efficient use of your house or apartment.

Have A Storage Unit? Let's Get Rid of It!

Having a storage unit can be a hassle and extremely expensive. If you feel as though you need extra space to store stuff, you should probably clean out the current spaces you have before making the investment in a storage unit...

When you have a storage unit, more than likely you won't go back looking for items that have been tucked away. Start by getting rid of clutter in your house, in order to make room for the stored items you wish to keep. You can only bring the keepers from storage home, if there's space to do so.

Donating items to places like Goodwill or selling at consignment stores can make a big difference quickly. Even selling things on Ebay could be helpful - though remind yourself that this takes time, too. Having a garage sale is a great option, too, especially if there's a block or neighborhood sale coming up.

I understand that sometimes storage units are necessary, or even temporary. If you already rent one, ask yourself if those items are worth the cost they incur monthly or even yearly. It can add up pretty quickly - for not much gain.

Hazardous Waste and E-Cycling

So often I come across items that people have kept just because they didn't know what else to do with them. There are cans of old house paint, half used bottles of chemicals that won't ever get opened again, batteries and electronics that aren't in working order. 

Here in Chicago, I take items regularly to the city's hazardous waste center on Goose Island at 1150 N. Branch.  For those who do live in Chicago, here's what you can take to recycle: Accepted Materials.

If you don't live in the city of Chicago, contact your local village or city hall to inquire about hazardous waste recycling programs. If all else fails, there are services that will collect items for a fee. 

If you live near a Best Buy, you can also drop off certain electronics for proper recycling. Most won't accept TVs, monitors or anything else with a screen. Call your local Best Buy to ask before loading up the car. 

It's not only important to get the things we don't want or need out of the house, but to do so safely.

Photos, Photos, and More Photos!

There are various options for storing photos.

You can purchase photo albums if you have lots of 4x6 or 3x5 standard sized printed photos. You can also store these photos in a photo box. Label the box or the outside of the album with dates of when the photos were taken.

You can also get photos digitized, and put them in a photo frame or onto your computer.

If you have lots of unusually sized photos or Polaroids, you can buy sheet protectors (at any office supply store or big box store), and put them in a three ring binder. Insert the photos into the sheet protectors and voila! Labeling the outside of the binder with dates or events would be a great idea as well.

Kids v Parents in the Great Toy Debate

When it comes to letting go of toys or other kid items, here are some ideas:

If you notice your kids have some toys or craft supplies they don't play with anymore or have outgrown, I recommend packing up and hiding those toys for three to six months. If the kids haven’t asked for them, then they’re already packed up ready to go to donate. You can put a sticky note or a piece of tape on the box or bin with the date so you know how long it’s been sitting. Maybe label what’s in each container, so if the kids do ask where a specific toy is, you can easily grab it.

It's important to ask the kids and get their input to see if they're still interested in a toy. Sometimes the kids are ready to let go of toys before Mom or Dad are. Mom and Dad certainly get the final say, but sometimes the kids' responses might not be what you'd expect!

Back To School: New Clothes

Think you're ready to go back to school clothes shopping?

First and foremost, clean out old clothes that no longer fit or that you no longer want before bringing in new clothes.

When it comes to getting rid of clothes, remember these three questions to ask yourself:

1. Does it still fit?
2. Does it fit comfortably?
3. If you were out shopping today is it something you’d want to buy?

If you answer no to any of these, then maybe it's time to get rid of it. After donating the items, make a list of what pieces you'd like to fill in your wardrobe for the year.

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