The Quickest Toy Organizing Tips Ever

I don't care how old you are, you have some kind of toy in your home. Your kid's toys, your toys, your dog's toys....they're all toys. And, if you honestly can say you don't have any toys in the house, then maybe get one. Just one.

1. Like with like. Every organizer will tell you this. Balls with balls. Dolls with dolls. Cars with cars. Just to see how much you have of what, if nothing else.

2. Indoor v. Outdoor. If it's a toy that gets dirty, muddy or wet, consider keeping it some place that can handle that. The garage, a storage bin on the deck, the basement all work. If those are available to you, consider where ever you keep other outdoor items like shovels or gardening supplies.

3. Supervised v Unsupervised. Is this a toy that needs someone else around beside the person/pet using it? If it's something you wouldn't want your cat playing with on their own (like a string they might ingest), make sure it gets stored accordingly. Likewise, I'd bet that you want to keep the glue and glitter away from tiny fingers that will gladly make their own glitter-glue and redecorate your living room with it.

4. Little tiny pieces and parts. If no one can identify them, you probably don't need them. However, if the thought of tossing out random little parts makes you a little nervous, toss them all in a baggie. Label it with the date and store someplace you'll find it in six months. If you haven't gone looking for any of the parts in that time, you can feel better about letting it go. 

5. How much do you really play with? When's the last time you played with nine footballs? Do you use all three sets of golf clubs? And, does your dog even know she has a basket filled with ropes? You really only need to ask yourself that: how much do I really use?

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