Holistic Organizing

I recently became a co-leader of a national group of holistic organizers. I will admit that I think I am the least "holistic" in the group, but I also know being holistic means something different to every member. For some, it means using tools and methods most organizers wouldn't consider to be part of the organizing process. For me, it means working with people in a way that makes them feel comfortable, allows them to feel calm in their own space and makes life easier. There's no pushing of my own agenda, and there's no hard and fast systems that must be in place for the project to work right.

But, as I've been a member of this group, I've come to realize that many of those non-traditional methods that we learn about and discuss are things I'm personally interested in or take part in. Maybe there is room to incorporate new ideas into my work with clients.

We discuss topics like room clearing, working with crystals and essential oils, practice centering exercises and when it's appropriate to use these practices. I am learning a lot! I find it interesting to know how color and smell affect a space. I've never applied this to a client's space yet, but I might.

What do you think of these ideas? Is it something that makes sense to you when reestablishing your new space? Or, does it seem a little out there? I'm interested to know more, for myself and my clients. But, I also want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your space - whether you're using essential oils in a diffuser or would never even consider the idea!

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