Kitchen Extras

If you cook a lot, have merged households, or just haven't gone through your kitchen in awhile, you likely have duplicates in there. Make quick, easy decisions to get rid of extras and make sense of the rest.
Black Plastic Spatula Hanged on Black Hook

First, donate anything that you don’t like or use any more. 

Organize your pots and pans, whether stored in a cabinet, drawer or pot rack. Keep pots with their lids, but turn the lids upside down. This creates a flatter surface that allows smaller pots to stack on top of the larger pieces. No searching for bottoms to match tops. And, save some horizontal space in your cabinet. 

Depending on your space, if you're putting utensils in a drawer, use a divider. Make sure to measure your drawer first before purchasing a divider - length, width and height! Sort your utensils in a way that makes sense for how you cook or bake. Cook v. bake, or pasta v. meat, for example. If you have too many to fit in a drawer, put the utensils that you'll use most often out on the counter in a vase or a big canister. As long as it's tall enough that the utensils won't fall over and wide enough to fit everything in it, then you're good to go. If you're going to use hooks to hang spoons, spatulas, etc., be sure those are ones you use most often; otherwise those will sit around and collect dust.

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