Party Time!

Parties can be fun, but stressful, too. Buying gifts can be a show of affection, and just another errand to add to your to-do list. Celebrations should be fun - for guests and for hosts. Make it as easy on yourself, as possible:
  • If you’re throwing a party, consider what you feel would make it a success. For a kid's party, you might want games. Maybe for adults, too! Think about your menu ahead of time - and what you'll serve it on (paper/plastic dishes or your everyday dishes).
  • If you’re attending a party, find out if the guest of honor is in need of or interested in a particular item either as a birthday or hostess gift.
  • Before purchasing anything, have a budget before shopping online or going to the store - for groceries, decorations, everything!
  • If you’re leaving the house to shop for a host or birthday gift, before leaving, see if you have gift wrap. Otherwise, add it to your list!

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