5 Tips For Couponing

Are you an extreme couponer? Do you clip and save any coupon that comes across your desk or screen? Maybe you've managed to keep them organized. And, maybe not. Regardless, here are 5 quick and easy tips to consider before you clip:
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1. Save coupons for products that you already know you will buy.

2. Save coupons that you know you can still use (whether they have an expiration date or not).

3. Don’t use coupons to buy more than you realistically know you can use before the item expires (food or beauty product).

4. Don’t use coupons if it’s going to mean that you have to buy more than you have space to keep (Do you really have room for eight bottles of ketchup?).

5. Don’t always assume just because you have a coupon, it’s the best deal. Compare prices before you toss it in your cart. Sometimes, there's a more economical option than the product with the coupon's discount.

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