Before You Fill Your Attic

Things to be aware of when storing stuff in the attic:
  • How much weight can you store in the attic? Can you walk around? I've been in a number of attics that only have portions that can be crossed. Which usually means, there are only some parts of the floor that can hold much weight.
  • Can you stand up all the way in your attic without bumping your head or bumping into giant nails hanging from the roof? How comfortable will it be to retrieve the items you want to store there?
  • What is the temperature fluctuation in your attic? Whether there's HVAC control in your attic determines how much moisture, heat and cold you may battle up there.
  • How easy is it to get in and out of your attic? Older homes have narrow, steep staircases that make it difficult to carry boxes on. Others may not have hand rails to hold on to or lack proper lighting.
  • Do you have pest problems? Attics are notorious for bugs, mice, squirrels and more.

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