How an Organizer Moves

I realized not that long ago that I move a lot! In 10 years, I've lived in five apartments. Even if I wasn't a certified organizer, I'd probably know the ins and outs of moving pretty well now! Here's how I do it:

First thing, I figure out my timeline. When is moving day? How much time have I to prepare? Then, I work backward.

Going from room to room, I break down each space into smaller chunks. The family room gets broken down by bookcase or table or desk. The kitchen is broken down by cabinets. Closets are their own sections; the bathroom, too. The chunks aren't necessarily the same size in project, but are sort of smaller categories. Maybe it's all the books in one room. Maybe it's all the dishes. Or, maybe all the linens. (Since I'm already pretty organized, these things live in one space in my home).

Then, I look at my calendar. How many chunks divided by how many days? And, will I realistically have time to tackle part of the project every day between now and then? If not, the number of days is shorter. Or, maybe some days I'll clearly have more time. I can decide if I want to count those days as two, instead of one. 

Lastly, once I've got my supplies (boxes, wrapping paper, tape), I get to work. It's the same old process as ever - do I use it? need it? love it? Is it worth boxing up, moving across town (or further) and unpacking again? The only difference is that I start with the least used or functional items. Artwork, decorative items, media are usually first. The pantry, bathroom and dishes are usually left toward the end. And, it forces me to plan out a few days of outfits. It might feel like a bother, but honestly, it's one less thing to worry about during the chaos of a move. I can set aside what I need, as if I were going away for the weekend, and pack the rest.

Then, I usually get a drink - moving is exhausting!

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