Clear out Chemicals

Many products made today, whether they are used for cleaning or for body, have toxic chemicals in them. Many of us don't realize we're putting these on our skin, wiping down the counters we cook on, and breathing it in. Switching to healthier, greener products for the environment can really make a difference in how you and your space feels. Switching to these greener products usually means you can toss out multiple bottles for one that completes multiple tasks. Ultimately your body and home will thank you.

Some natural beauty/skin care companies to check out with organic, all natural ingredients and essential oils:
You can even find a great new brand or product by taking a few minutes to read labels while browsing the store aisle. Ask friends or family, and look for reviews online. There are so many options now. I'm not endorsing any of these brands, but simply pointing you to a starting place, if you're interested in fewer, greener products in your home.

Most of these companies not only make green products, but make them with a green process. Think low carbon emissions, green packaging and more. Look for non-toxic, hypoallergenic, cruelty free, fragrance/dye free, biodegradable, etc. when shopping for products. Look into whatever aspects are most important to you.

Some all natural cleaning product brands include:

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