Giving Kids Gifts - Not More Stuff

Struggling to find a gift for a child in your life? Not sure what to get? Here are some ideas on getting experiential gifts for kids, instead of giving them more stuff (that they may never use and/or may not have room for).

Sometimes the best gift you can give is purely spending quality time with someone you care about (even kids!). One great thing to give is a gift card for an activity with you. Lots of times you can buy a couple passes for a museum, play place, aquarium, baseball game, etc. This way, the child will be creating memories with you, rather than filling up their space with more stuff. If you live too far apart to partake, give the gift in the hopes that Mom and Dad will go, too, or a friend can tag along.

You can also give gifts that will be used up. For example, craft supplies, personal care items, or even make a batch of cupcakes you made together. You've not only made a gift, but created an experience - something that isn’t going to sit around the house too long!

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