How To Organize Recipes

Having trouble finding recipes? Want to convert your recipes from paper to digital? Here are a few ideas:

First, you’re going to have to decide if you want to keep the recipes on paper, or if you'd like to make all recipes digital on your computer. Regardless of which medium you’re taking, organize them by how you cook. Maybe that’s by kind of food (Indian, Italian, American) or maybe it’s by type of ingredient (beef, chicken, or vegetarian) or by kind of dish (appetizer, dinner, dessert).

It all depends on how you would look for the recipes, really.

Then decide if you want the recipes to be on recipe cards or if you want them in a binder with sheet protectors. It could also be a combination of both. Maybe you could have a recipe card box or use sheet portfolios in the binder? As long as your categories are consistent, then whatever works is great.

In terms of cookbook organization: 

Categorize cookbooks the same way you would for other books. An example of this would be to organize by type of cookbook (ex. cookie cookbook v.s barbecue cook book). Or, you could organize them by author. Maybe purely for decorative purposes (ex. color, height, etc.) works best for you, if you want the shelf to look pretty, but know you won't access them often.

Happy cooking!

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